Inspiration for my work stems from the curiosity I have regarding pattern formation in the context of the colors, textures and forms that occur in my surroundings. The subject matter that interests me is broad and may be anything from decomposing elements such as tree bark and foliage to a random arrangement of objects. These arrangements usually acquire an interesting distribution of color, conflicting textures and size variation. I am intrigued by the way these elements come together spatially and temporally.

In order to maintain variety, I do not limit myself to a particular medium. Painting primarily on a wood panel gives me a solid starting point, and allows me to develop my work with materials such as concrete, acrylic, oil, fabric, resin and pieces of earth. The experimentation process that I permit in my work is very important. The interactions of the media I use answer questions about their properties and inform me about interesting qualities that I incorporate into my work. I allow the media to develop their natural characteristics while being applied and further manipulate areas to emphasize additional textures, create movement, or dramatize depth within the piece.

I enjoy producing non-representational work. With this style, I feel that I allow the viewer to develop his or her own interpretation without placing limitations on their definitions and descriptions of my paintings. I intend to leave one with a renewed curiosity regarding their surroundings and a new sense of wonder about the seemingly ordinary.